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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 017 - Chapter 17 – Dealing Plan is “Acting as usual”

Author Note: We are finally returning the protagonist’s point of view. This novel will mainly be told by the protagonist’s point of view.




At early morning yesterday, upon receiving the news about the Goblin herd attacking on the Elven village, Surges and Chris departed to serve as a reinforcement but they didn’t return last night either.

Goblins are no match for my parents no matter how many times they attack them but if they attack as a large herd, there is still a slim chance of danger.

People precious to me were fighting their lives on the line. This was a disturbing feeling that I had never experienced in Japan.

Because of this, even though Kite and I kept on their sword training, we could not concentrated on it thus we repeated the same trivial mistakes. We spent our time nervously and our nights were without any sleep.

I wake up in the morning as always I do, improve my depressing feelings from yesterday to some extend and start my training. No matter how many times I fail, I must break it into doable steps and master them step by step.

At around noon, Surges and Chris came back along with a little girl I have never seen before.

“Welcome back, Father, Mother.”

We said simultaneously with Kite.

“And what happened to the Goblins? Who is this girl?”

Kite inquired.

“We naturally repelled them. And this girl is Medea. She will be living with us from now on.”

After her introduction, Medea quickly bows her head once and hides behind Chris in a hurry. She was very beautiful. I had never seen someone as beautiful as her even on Earth.

“Tanya, was everything okay while we were away?”

“Yes, Madame. Other than the Young Masters being nervous and worried, there was nothing else.”

She is the one to talk. Tanya was also worried as much as we were.

“We must firstly go and report this matter to Lieber. We will detailedly talk about it later.”

“Father, take me with you as well. I will be silent and won’t bother you. I want to hear the report as well. I am extremely curious about it.”

“Yes, I want to come as well!”

Kite also took advantage of me and said.

Surges was hesitant for a little while but he quickly made a decision. He made an eye contact with Chris, and Chris noded her head.

“Okay. You are also almost at the age you can fight. You should also know about it. However I warn you, do not tell other villagers about it.”

We arrived at Lieber’s house.

Lieber looks at us children with a puzzled expression.

“These children are almost at the age they can fight. I think they should know about it so I brought them along.”

“I see.”

“Please someone call Rabbids as well.”

An envoy is dispatched in order to call Hunter Rabbids who frequently goes to the forest.

When everyone gathered, Surges started to explain.

He emotionlessly explained the events. According to his explanations, he killed the Goblin King who almost destroyed the Elven village, he let around 500 Goblins escape because Elven people didn’t assist the pursuit much, he found and picked up Medea while returning from the pursuit, Medea’s parents who are excelled at [Presence Detection] skill caught by a surprise attack as well and considering the skillfulness of this assault, he guesses that Demon race is involved in it.

Chris also mentioned her conjectures. According to her, there is a very low possibility of the spell “Silent” being used because it requires level 4 or higher Wind attributed magic so it is very likely that the spell “Teleport” of Space-time magic is used for the surprise attack.

Everyone became silent. I had promised to stay silent but I unconsciously started to express my conjectures.

“If there were really someone behind the assault, then why didn’t he use the same method which he conducted for the surprise attack during the retreat of the Goblins? I have a few ideas about it. The first one might be that he didn’t want to expose the method he used for the surprise attack but the probability of this is quite low. Because when the Elven village was on the verge of the destruction, he could make a second surprise without giving them any time to recover their military strength. That way, there wouldn’t be anyone left to expose the method.The second one might be that the surprise attack was successful because of the spell “Teleport” and he couldn’t move such large crowd all at once. But its probability is also low. Because in the first place we don’t even know whether someone who can use that legendary Space-Time magic really exist or not. Even if he were to exist, would such legendary figure lower himself to use the Goblins? Besides the same method used on an isolated house which only has two capable people. Would you use the spell “Teleport” to launch a sneak attack when you can simply overpower them with number? The third one might be that the helper had left the battlefield after the surprise attack became successful. This would be a reasonable explanation about it.”

After that, I tell my suggestion in one breath.

“That helper failed the surprise attack this time but he must be knowing that he still had enough military strength. If we give him time, the probability of him to increase his military strength and make another surprise attack using the same method is quite high. It would be obviously disadvantageous for us if we were to defend against it. We should attack and eliminate the Goblins while that powerful helper is not around. “

Everybody looks at me with dumbfounded expressions.

(Crap! I screwed up! I forgot that I was still 7 years old!)

Surges asks with a shocked expression.

“How could you come up with such ideas?”

“Well, I just randomly come up with them.”

It was a terrible excuse. However I couldn’t think of anything else. Chris stares at me with a suspicious expression.

“Well, whatever. I didn’t think that far but when the Goblins form a large herd, the possibility of the birth of a Goblin King increases. I suggested to eliminate them before a new King was born but they refused to get any human assistant.”


“Ever since the Elven race fought against human race and were expelled to the forest in the past, they became an exclusive race. Especially that exclusive way of thinking is stronger at the elder generations. Elven people have long lifespans, because of that they might really have been persecuted by the humans.”

After Surges gives a quick glance at Medea, he continues to talk.

“Right now, the number of people who can fight in the forest are only three including Rabbids. Without the assistance of the Elven people, we can not do anything. I am planning to report this to the Feudal Lord, Viscount-sama, via the Lieber but I don’t have any expectations from it. Ordinary soldiers don’t have any battle trainings in the forest. Thus they can’t form any battle formations in the forest so they will only take attacks from all directions and suffer. Besides just based on our conjectures, the Kingdom or Viscount-sama would not send soldiers to such a remote village.”

“I see.”

“The only thing we can do right now is to patrol around the forest alertly and when we notice something, share it with everyone. Other that that, we can only pray that Elven people would do something about it.”

Surges declared his final decision.

So only thing I can do is to keep practicing and become stronger so that I can survive if the enemy overtakes Elven village and comes to attack. What is that? Even after such long discussions, we are acting as usual in the end. And “Silent” is the most suited spell for a surprise attack. The only counter method I can think of is to raise the level of [Magic Perception] skill.

“There is one more thing. It is about Medea. She is the child of a human resourceful hunter and an Elven woman who live in an isolated house in the forest which I mentioned before.The Elven people don’t allow an outsider to live in the village so they moved there. Lieber, she is going to live in our house from now on. You don’t mind it, right?”

“I don’t have any objection about it if she will live in your house, Surges-san. I will talk to the other villagers about it.”

“Thank you. That was all I wanted to say.”

After we left the Lieber’s house, Chris spoke.

“Since Medea officially became our daughter, we should talk about what to do from now on.”

It was already sunset now. I didn’t eat anything at noon so I was starving. When he saw that I was pressing on my stomach, Surges said while laughing.

“Tanya must have prepared the dinner and be waiting for our return. Shall we talk about it at the dinner?”