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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 015 - Chapter 15 – The curtains of the night slowly fall down


“Did you calm down?”

I call out to the little girl.

The little girl slightly nods in a dejected way.

“They need to be cremated in order to prevent their bodies from getting eaten by the monsters. If you don’t want to see it, stay inside the house.”

The girl shakes her head slightly.

Chris was preparing to cast a Fire attributed magic.

“Wait! Let me cast the magic please!”

The little girl interrupts Chris’ preparations.

“Can you use magic at such a young age?”

The words of the little girl surprises Chris.

“Chris, that’s not important now. Firstly, we must cremate them.”

When I urged from the side, the girl nods once, concentrates and casts a Fire attributed magic.

Chris offers prayers to God Surveil who rules over the death.

When the fire burnt out, it was almost dusk.

“I don’t still know your name.”

“It is Medea.”

“I see. I am Surges. This is my wife, Chris. Medea, you won’t be able to return here anymore. So take something as a memento now.”

“No, I will stay here. Please don’t worry about me.”

The little girl hesitantly said after she surveyed the Elven people around her.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let you interact with them. I won’t entrust you to the Elven village. I am planning to take you the human village we live in. We will decide what to do with you after we returned the village.”

“However, I don’t want to bother you…”

“Medea, even if you stay here, you will only become food for the monsters. There is no one who can protect you here anymore. It is for your own sake.”

Even so, Medea was still hesitating so I continued.

“There is not much time until the night. I will take you with me even if I have to forcefully tie you up. “

I think she was raised up without interacting anyone except for her parents. So her distrust towards people must be strong. I can slowly remove it from her later.

There is no time now. It is dangerous to camp in this forest at night with our current fatigued states.

“…I understand. Please give me some time to prepare.”

She must have thought that I wouldn’t listen even if she would reject. After Medea unwillingly agreed it, she got into the house.

After a while, she came back with a longbow, two swords, two shields, and a shortbow which even Medea could use.

“You can’t run while carrying them. Let me carry them.”

She must have not figured out whether she should trust someone she just recently met or not. So she was hesitating about giving them to me.

“Don’t worry. We will definitely return them later. “

Chris took equipments from Medea while speaking gently.

“Let’s go. If we hurry, we can make it to Elven village before night falls. Medea, I will carry you on my back.”

We could make it to Elven village before night completely falls.

When we pass through the gate, an elder-like Elf (All of the Elven people look young though.) stepped forward.

“People of Collet Village, thank you very much for slaying the Goblin King. I am the Village Head of this village. I am called Lieberg. Thanks to you, this village was saved. By the way, how was the result of the pursuit?”

“I am Surges from Collet Village. This is my wife, Chris.”

While Chris is giving a slight bow, I continue to talk.

“Our number was too low. We could not even slay 100 of them. There should still be around 500 of them left.”

“I see. It could not be helped.”

He must not have expected much. Lieberg expressed that quite indifferently.

“I think you understand that in a near future, a new Goblin King will be born. You need to urgently search for the Goblin dwellings and strike them. I am willing to assist as well. Once this village falls, it will be our village to be attacked next, after all. “

“I am appreciated for your good will. But we will handle it by ourselves. There is no need for human assistance.”

The exclusionist traits of the Elven people is quite famous. However there is a reason to it. The humans persecuted the Elven people and enslaved many of them in the past.

Since I was expecting such an answer, I didn’t press the matter any further.

“I see. If you change your mind, you can send an envoy again.”

Apparently Lieberg noticed Medea.

“Well then, I wonder why you did bring such a child here?”

Medea’s body quivered from the shock and her eyes drop on the ground. (TL Note: I don’t know if this sentence gives the meaning. Basically she bends her head down and just plainly stare at the ground. )

“On our way back to the village, we spotted an isolated house. So we checked it out to see wheather it was assulted by Goblins or not. Her parents were done for but this child could survive by hiding in the basement so I take her under my protection. “

I responded to Lieberg by stressing the word “I”.

He must have figured out what this girl is. The elder-like person said with an unsightly expression.

“We would gladly welcome you, the Benefactor of our village, in our village as a guest. However there is nobody who is willing to give shelter to an Half-Elf in this village. I wouldn’t like to put pressure on my villagers, either. “

(This damned sly fox! He is fucking harassing me tediously!)

As I curse silently, I think about a plan. It is not still winter but it is still very hard to sleep outside without any camping tools in this season. Especially, it would be even harder for Medea. What should I do?