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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 014 - Chapter 14 – The Unclear End


“Well then, I hope Elven people can handle the rest. Chris, I will pursue them when the counterattack of Elven people starts. I need to decrease their numbers as much as possible.”

“You are not suitable for the pursuit since it takes too much time in order to activate a spell for you. They might escape during the preparations for the spell.”

“Nevertheless, they are good at archery, right? They should be knowing the danger of letting the Goblin Crowd escape.”

We made a conversation like that while we are headed towards the Elven village.

If we let the most of the Goblins escape now, the possibility of the birth of a new Goblin King in a not distant future will rise.

Generally, the larger a herd is, the higher the possibility of the birth of a new Goblin King is.

“Look! Goblins are in a confused state! That’s the chance! Rear Guards, prepare for casting magic!”

We hear the voices of Elven people.

If I rushed out now, I would also be affected by the magic spells of Elven people so I wait patiently. I plan to assist them when Elven people got out of their village and start to pursue them.

The magic of Elven people explodes at the vanguards of Goblins. When they saw it, starting from the inner ranks, the rest of them starts to flee one by one. However even after a while, the pursuit of Elven people doesn’t start.

“So their state is not so good to pursue them. Damn it, we must pursue them no matter what!!”

I shout towards the Elven village.

“I am Crybird from Collet Village! I slayed the Goblin King! I will start to purse the remaining Goblins! Come with me please!”

Elven village was quite ruined. It was quite surprising for them to last until now. Anyway, several people assists the pursuit.

However, it is not possible to get any significant results with such a low number. We give up the pursuit after about 3 hours.

We let roughly 500 of them escape. The possibility of the birth of a new Goblin King in a few years is quite high. However we are nearing our limits so it would be rather dangerous if we would continue our pursuit with our current number.

During our retreat to the Elven village, we spotted an isolated house on our way. Before I realized, Nasr also participated in the pursuit so I ask him.

“Why is there a house here?”

“How should I say? In a simple word, it is a hut where the ones who were banished live.”

Nasr answers hesitantly.

“If there are people there, we should check them out. They might have been attacked by Goblins.”

“That’s right. Even if they were banished, we should at least check their safety.”

Another Elven person answers.

When we got closer to the house, we saw around 20 Goblins and 2 people laying down. The man was human and the woman was Elf. When I approached and checked them, they were already dead. Especially, there was a sword cleanly struck into the woman’s heart as if she wouldn’t stand the idea of her body being violated by the Goblins.

“We can’t prevent their bodies from getting eaten by monsters. Let’s cremate them.”

I don’t know if it is because the Goblin herd recently passed by but apparently there are no other monsters around here.

Normally when someone dies, his body wouldn’t last so long after his death.

Elven people silently noded as well and they left to collect dead branches and other flammable things.

I open the door and check the inside of the house to see if there is anyone alive.

I sharpen my mind and detect someone alive in the basement using my [Presence Detection] skill.

“Hey, there is someone alive in the basement. Please look for a passage for the basement.”

Elven people exchange glances as if they were talking to each other but in the end, Nasr and another Elven person assist in searching inside of the house.

“I found the door to the basement!”

Nasr turns towards me and tells with a loud voice.

“I will go in and check inside first.”

I open the hidden door on the floor and go into the basement. Basement was quite narrow. An adult could barely enter. There was an unconscious little girl inside, who is a little younger than Larcus, laying down. She was around 6 years old.

“Hey, are you alright?”

I call out to her but there is no answer. She seemed awfully weak. I shoulder the girl and go back to surface.

“So she was an Half-Elf.”

I notices her characteristic ears now which I couldn’t do because of the darkness in the basement. It wasn’t as pointy as an Elf but it was much more pointier than a human. A disgust appeared inside the eyes of the Elven people when they heard my murmurings.

”Mixed Bloods” are always the objects of the persecution in any society. Probably, despite of all the oppositions of their villages, they got married and started to live here. When I think about this girl going to the Elven village like that, I can clearly see the tragic future she will suffer.

Anyway, that’s something that should be left for later. Firstly, we should focus on treating her.

“Please someone call Chris. Nasr, please search for some water and something to eat.”

Considering the time when the assault of Goblins started and the state of the corpses of her parents, there is a possibility that she might not have eaten anything for around 2 days.

“Honey, there was someone alive?”

Chris comes rushing towards me.

“Yeah, it is an Half-Elf child. Please cast Holy Magic on her.”

I am sure Chris must have figured out the situation as well after she saw that couple outside. She didn’t show any special surprised reaction. She only cast a glance with full of pity at the girl for a moment. After that, she concentrates and starts the preparations of casting Holy Magic.

Meanwhile I silently think about what to do with this girl after that.

Since she was someone banished, I can’t bring her to Elven village. And if I were to bring her to our village, the villagers would complain about it.

Nasr approaches with a water jug but I stop him with my hand and wait for the casting of the Holy Magic to be completed.

The casting of the Holy Magic is completed and Half-Elf girl opens her eyes, then I take the water jug from Nasr.

“It is water. Would you like to drink?”

The little girl nods slowly.

“Drink slowly without any hurry.”

I bring near the water jug to her mouth slowly and make her take a small sip. After I confirmed that she swallowed it, I give her a second small sip of water.

After I repeated this action for many times, the little girl speaks.

“Where are my father and mother?”

Without answering it, I give her the bread Nasr brought.

“You must be hungry as well. Firstly, eat this slowly. I will answer your question after that.”

The little girl nods slightly and then slowly eats the bread I gave her.

“Thank you. And where are my father and mother?”

Without a word, I open the door and we get out of the house.

The distorted corpses of her parents were out there.

“Mother! Father!”

The pained screams of the little girl resounded around for a while.