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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 013 - Chapter 13 – Battle of Forest in the West

(Author Note: The story will be told in the Surges’ point of view for a while.)


I finished the daily morning training and was about to depart to patrol around the forest.

“Surges, it’s bad news! Please come to the village head’s home immediately!”

Hunter Rabbids called out to me with a loud voice. I don’t know the details, but it is obviously a matter where I am needed.

“Okay, I am coming as soon as possible.”

I arrange my equipments in a brief.

“Chris, as soon as you arrange your equipments, come to the village head’s home. Tanya, you take care of the house.“

The name of the village head is Lieber. He is called village head, but he is actually a 30 years old young government official who was dispatched by the Colonise Viscounty. In the first place, this village is fundamentally founded by the Colonise Viscounty in order to provide jobs for the broke people that they have gathered so that they can make a living for themselves.

I hurry to the Village Head’s home with Rabbids.

“Lieber, what happened?!”

I ask bluntly as I open the door and walk into the office. There, I see an exhausted Elven person and can guess the general situation. There is Elven settlements in the forest in the west, and we have some cultural exchanges with them.

“Was the Elven settlements attacked?”

“I am glad you figured out easily.”

“Hey, Elven over there. Can you guide me to your settlements? You also have to tell me about the types and number of monsters that attacked and the current situation of your settlements.”

“Wait a second. My Stamina is not recovered yet.”

Just at this moment, Chris arrived.

“Chris, apply Holy Magic to the Elven there.”

Chris nods silently.

It is the appropriate manner not to make any sound while someone is preparing to cast Holy Magic so that his/her concentration is not disturbed. Annoying as it is, the time quietly passes. After 2 minutes, Chris started to cast Holy Magic.

“Thank you. I am grateful.”

“No need to thank. Let’s go.”

“If the Elven settlements are destroyed, the number of the monsters in the forest will increase. I am counting on you.”

Lieber throws me a bag which contains water and provisions. I accept the bag and lightly gesture my hand at Lieber as a reply. Then we departed to forest in a hurry.

The Elven man is called Nasr. He explains the situation during our journey. I grasped the general situation by the help of my own guesses as well. The assaulters are Goblins; they are low level monsters, but their numbers are quite high this time. I don’t know it for sure, but their numbers are approximately 1000, so there must be a Goblin King as well amongst them.

Goblins rarely forms large groups and a king raises amongst them. When that happens, they form systematic groups and specialized divisions emerge. Many of evolved ones appear such as Magic Users, Bow Users, Spear Users and Goblin Lords.

At the settlements, the population is 300 people, and the ones who can fight amongst them are 280 people. The rate of fighting capability is quite high. Elven are a magic oriented race that has longevity. Thus, except for the children and disabled people, everybody can fight.

Elven people are specialized on ranged attacks from distance using magic or bows. On the other hand, their physical strength is weak so they are not suited for close ranged attacks.

It seems that they had suffered a complete surprise attack this time. Normally, there are watchmen at nights, but it seems that nobody heard any horn sound. Probably, they were killed before they could blow the horn.

The situation is extremely bad, but their defensive walls has two layers. The first layer is already breached, but if the second layer can hang on until I reach there, there is still hope.

After we ran through the forest for about 2 hours in a hurry, we could see a place where smokes are raising.

“It is there! The second layer of the walls had not fall yet!”

Nasr shouted!

“Chris, we will launch a surprise attack on their headquarters. Nasr, you would be a hinderance to us so stay here.”

“That’s reckless! Firstly, we should merge with the headquarter…”

“Stop nitpicking! Obey my orders! Find somewhere to hide! Chris, let’s go!”


Nasr has a dumbfounded expression on his face, but I don’t have the time to be concerned about him.

I had fought against a herd lead by a Goblin King before when I was still an Adventurer. Once I defeated the Goblin King, they turned into a disorderly crowd. I confirmed in different case that Goblin King has a skill called [Command]. This skill increases the ability values of the people under the commander; however, there is a weakness for this skill. Once the commander is defeated, the subordinates receive a mental damage and the mentally weak ones will fall into a confusion for an hour.

The mental state of the Goblins, even the ones who are in command, are weak. So, if we launch a surprise attack from their back while they were concentrated on attacking the settlements, we have a fairly high chance of victory. They are mere Goblins after all.
In order not to be noticed, I start getting closer to them stealthily by using my skill [Spy] that I have polished during my daily patrols around the forest. I stand towards the leeward, thus my nose is about to be crushed because of the stinking smells of Goblins. Chris also knits her brows while following me.

We arrived at the right behind of headquarter. Something like a messenger is going back and forth and performing communication in an ear-hurting language. I signal Chris with my eyes. After she nods once, Chris starts to cast a magic.


The surprised voices of Goblins resound around.

Chris created a wall surrounding the Goblin King and his followers with 1 Li (Around 1.8 meters) height and 20 Li long. In order to detour the wall, one must go through the forest and with the height of the wall, Goblins cannot possibly cross over it considering their heights. Thus, it is enough to obstruct them.

There were about 20 of them inside the wall including the ones who came out of the forest behind, but Chris and I are capable of taking care of them in about 2 minutes.

The first three of them got distracted by the sudden appearance of the wall, so I instantly killed them. Chris also cleanly beheaded the two of them. Without paying attention to the small fries, I activate [Fight Polishing Arts], instantly getting closer to the Goblin King, and swing my sword. Goblin King tries to stop my blow using his sword, but he could not withstand the power which was enchanted by [Fight Polishing Arts] and his sword flies out of his hand.

His subordinates tries to draw their weapons but…

“Too late!”

I behead the Goblin King and slay the subordinates with a diagonal slash.

“Chris, we are withdrawing. Get ready for it!”

We don’t bother with the confused Goblins. We only slay the ones that blocks our path of retreat and quickly withdrew from the battlefield.