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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 012 - Chapter 12 – Sword Arts (Surges’ Story)

TL Note : I changed “Fencing” to “sword” or “Sword Arts” depending on the case.

(Surges POV)

Nowadays, my sons started to do sword sparrings with each other frequently. Naturally, the 4 years difference between them has a big impact, so Larcus is always at the losing end. He doesn’t say anything, but it seems that Larcus hates losing quite much. At first, he was patiently pretending to check his posture with an indifferent attitude, but now, his attitude is full of enthusiasm. I am getting passionate about my guidance as well because of their enthusiasm.

My wife and I are a couple who were hired as the guards for this remote village. We are not allowed to have any agricultural land, so we were not able to bequeath any land for the children.

What I can bequeath for them are only the monster cores of the monsters I have been hunting until now and the sword skills.

And the number of monsters have decreased quite much compared to before while the protection weirs have also been completed, so the safety level of this village has increased quite much. After a few years, our jobs as guards might be unnecessary for the village so we might be fired. In this case, we would have no choice but to move out. Albeit, I don’t want to get trapped in this remote village, and I also wish to show my sons the outside world.

When you go to the outside world, you absolutely need to have some ways to defend yourself. There are many cases which you can be killed by the bandits or monsters by only walking in a main road for a while.

While imagining about the day my sons would start their journey to the outside world, I decided to show my ultimate move. I don’t usually use it during the training. It consumes too much MP after all.

“Today before we start the training, I will show you my ultimate move. Watch it carefully.”

I turned to a rock which is 10 Li(Approximately 18 meters) away and rush towards it. I arrived instantly and brandished my wooden sword at the same time. When it hit the rock, the cracks started to appear on it with a thunderous roaring sound, and it collapsed.

“Father, can humans normally posses such speed and power by only training hard?”

Larcus asked with an astonished tone.

Unlike me, this guy is a quite smart and capable son. Chris once came to me saying that he might be a Changeling. It seems that he can already use Holy Magic. The reason why I says “seems” is because I didn’t see him while using magic before. I shutted Chris up by raising my voice against her, but he hides the fact that he can use magic and he is abnormally smart. Thus I also think that there is something strange about this guy. However, I have gone through many death and life experiences so I have sharp instincts and it tells me that this guy is not something evil. I don’t know whats the deal with this guy, but I think we will have to talk about it someday.

“No, I used magic back then.”

“Did you use attributed magic, Father?”

Kite, who cannot use attributed magic like me, asked. Attributed magics require aptitude for them. Basically, it completely depends on your talent. However, the people who cannot use attributed magic also has magical power. So, there are magics they can use as well.

“It is not attributed magic. It is something called attributeless magic. Attributeless magic is not like attributed magic, it is the name of the all skills that consume MP. For example the [Appraisal] that the Merchants use and [Magic Granting] that can be used by the people who cannot use attributed magic. And [Fight Polishing Arts] I used earlier is one of them.

“Amazing! Father, teach us!”

Kite shouted.

“No! If you don’t grasp the foundations of [Sword Arts], you cannot move your body freely even if you learn the [Fight Polishing Arts]. Besides, the MP consumption is too high so it is only a trump card you can use when you have no other choice. Learn [Sword Arts] properly first. Also, you cannot learn it if you are not able to sense your magical power using [Magic Perception] and manipulate your magical power using [Magic Manipulation]. Just know that there is such a skill for now.”

My sons are immersed in the training in a frenzy after a new goal was exhibited in front of them.

Larcus is in the top among his peers on Strength and Stamina-wise, but he cannot use the sword properly for some reason. Tanya had marveled about it as well when she was teaching him [Dagger Arts]. I guess that he has the same struggle about [Sword Arts] as well.

However, he has a natural will-power that allows him to train repeatedly without giving up, so I think that it won’t be long before he acquires the [Sword Arts].

The attack power of a Magician is terrific, but it takes time to activate a magic and they cannot do rapid magic attacks. So when you get close to them, they are extremely fragile. A Magician who suffered a surprise attack is no different from an ordinary person. The Adventures parties move in a formation which would protect the Magician, but once the Magician suffered a surprise attack, the probability of him dying is high.

Larcus will probably have great accomplishments in the future, so I don’t want him to die before that because of a trivial reason. I will teach him everything I can while we are still here. Considering the improvements of my sons, I should impose a stricter training, thus, my rebuking voice raises.