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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 010 - Chapter 10 – Holy Magic (Chris’ Story)

“Light Attribute Magic” is the only magic that can heal. It is mostly specialized in healing, so it’s generally called Holy Magic.

The people who can use this Holy Magic are quite rare. Even if you have the aptitude, it is hard to use it. In order to be able to use all variations of Holy Magic, you have to be able to use all of the four attributes; Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind.

In order to activate the Holy Magic, you have to pour two types of those four attributed magical power, with the exact same amount, into the Chakra on the parietal lobe (back of the head) at the same time.

However, if you pour the countered attributed magics (Fire and Water, Earth and Wind), you would not be able to activate it. And for the other combinations, the outcome effects depends from the combinated attributed magic . For example :

The combination of Earth and Water is used for the treatment of external injuries.

The combination of Wind and Water is used for the treatment of diseases.

The combination of Fire and Earth is used for the treatment of abnormal mental conditions.

And the combination of Fire and Wind is used for the treatment of poisonings.

Since it is rare to be able to use all of the four attributes, there are people “who can not treat the external injuries” amongst the same Holy Magic users.

And it is extremely hard to be able to use two attributed magic at the same time. It is impossible unless both of your [Magic Manipulation] and [Magic Perception] skills are at level 2 or above.

Considering these factors, it is said that the ones who can use Holy Magic are 1 out of 5000, and the ones who can use all variations of Holy Magic are only 1 out of 20,000.

My second son, Larcus, who is now 5 years old, came and asked me about the way to use Holy Magic, however, I have told him that the answer would be a little too hard for a child.

“It seems that it is quite hard.”

That was his answer. It felt like he actually knew the real difficulty. Even though it should be impossible, for someone who have never used magic before, to actually understand how hard it is, to use the Holy Magic.

Even the four attributed magics require a certain degree of mental concentration to use, thus, there is no way that a 5 years-old child can use them. Still, I felt like it was possible if it was this child. That’s how extraordinary this child is.

I have heard about Changeling before. I laughed at it back then, saying that there is no way such a thing would exist. However, even though I don’t want to believe it, I started to suspect that Larcus might not be my son.

I certainly gave birth to this child, but it was a very difficult delivery, and back then, he wasn’t breathing when he was born. Seeing that, we did heart massage several times. (TL Note: So they know about heart message? Interesting.) (EN : Massage) When everybody had given up on him, he just suddenly started breathing. But, It had been about 30 seconds since we stopped doing the heart massage.

I can’t help to suspect that my real son, Larcus, was already dead back then, and now, something else is operating his body.

And back then, Tanya also happily told me about something, which was not possible for a child who was still 4 years old, she told me that not only had Larcus mastered reading and writing, he had also memorized the political and economical circumstances of each nation. On top of that, when I heard that the same child would never neglect his body training and just keep practicing sword silently, my suspicion got even stronger.

When I tried to talk to Surges about it, he shutted me up by saying that it was ridiculous. Surges also admits that Larcus is extraordinary, but he doesn’t suspect him because he thinks that it is natural since he is his son.

After he read all of the books at home, Larcus started to frequently go out after his sword training.

As far as I heard from Kite, it seems that he doesn’t play with anyone and only goes to a desolate place at the outskirts of the village by himself. Kite also doesn’t know what Larcus does there.

Even Kite was angry with him, because he doesn’t play with them when he invites him to.

One year passed after that. After I treated all of the guests, I suddenly want to go to the place where Kite has told me before, so I go there. And naturally, Larcus is there as well, at the outskirt of the village, by himself. He is seated with his eyes closed. He seems like he is concentrating on something, it’s as if he is doing magic-training. No, not “as if”, he is actually training in magic.

“I did it! I could finally do it!”

Larcus shouted joyously.

“No way, that is Holy Magic. Even I, who is called a genius, could only learn it at the age of 14.”

I reflexively murmured it, but, fortunately, it seemed that Larcus didn’t notice me.

As the feelings such as astonishment and suspicious strike at me, I was stupefied there, dumbfoundedly. Then after a while, as I could regain my composure little by little, I left there secretly.