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Destination of Crybird

Chapter 001 - Chapter 1 – This Other World Is Not so Rose-Colored

(Aaaah…!! It hurts! It hurts like hell!!)

I lost…my consciousness.

After a while, a gentle light wrapped around me and erased my pain, only then could I start to think calmly again.

“Ogya, Ogya!”

(I guess feeling “pain” means that I am still alive. And seeing that I am still alive even though I was seriously injured, Japan’s emergency care level must have increased greatly. However, considering the injuries on my lower body, I will probably be doomed to wheelchair for the rest of my life. I don’t have money after all. What am I gonna do about the hospital bills and the living expenses from now on? Well, I might manage somehow, since I will get some damages money and also disability pension.)

“Ogya, Ogya”

(By the way, it is quite noisy here. Why would someone bring a baby to the hospital room of an injured man?)

When I opened my eyes in order to check the situation, I encountered a scene that I could never imagine before. I found myself in the embrace of a woman that I don’t know, and also inside a room of an extremely old-style house rather than a hospital room.

When I looked around, I saw a total of 4 people inside the room. A 20 or so years old beautiful blonde woman who was holding me, a black-haired handsome man with fine built that was around the same age as her, a 3 or 4 years old little boy and a middle-aged woman around 30 years old. All of them had western-style figures, quite different from the Japanese people.

Apparently, the noisy baby from before was actually me. My consciousness is clear now, however my body won’t listen to my commands at all. I feel that my mind and my body are not in gear with each other.

(Well… now about the damages money, filing a lawsuit usually takes time. If I let the assailant side know that I urgently need money, they might take advantage of me by settling it out of the court. )

“Ogya, Ogya”

I still couldn’t wake up from this realistic dream.

“Ogya, Ogya”

“×#%&? Larcus!”

The black-haired handsome lifted me up and started to rub my cheeks together. Since I don’t like that kind of things, I honestly felt sick.

(I feel somehow sleepy…)

The blonde beauty rebuked the black-haired handsome then gently put me on the bed.

(My body doesn’t listen to my commands at all and it feels sluggish as well.)

And then, I fell asleep without being able to resist my drowsiness.

Two days passed after that.

It is unbelievable, but apparently I was reborn. It seems that the blonde beauty is my mother, Chris, the black-haired handsome is my father, Surges, the black-haired little boy is my big brother, Kite, and the middle aged servant-like woman is called Tanya. Their language is obviously not Japanese, but I could somehow figure out their names.

What is more unbelievable is that, apparently, this is a different world. It seems that after my birth, I was in a critical condition, so Chris just kept casting something like a recovery magic on me for a few hours. Her hand emitted a faint radiance and when that radiance was absorbed by my body, I felt quite at ease.

By the way, my meal was breast’s milk, however I did not feel awkward at all. I don’t know whether it’s because I am not at an age to feel sexual desires or because she is my mother.

Now, my mental condition has finally stabilized and I can accept the current situation.

(It is the cliche, that the protagonist is reincarnated to a different world and then boosts his magical powers by doing special training starting from his childhood. Besides, I can’t move my body and I have lots of free times. There isn’t anything else to do anyway. Well firstly, I should confirm my status- )


As soon as I thought about my status, a window appeared in front of me. I didn’t seriously think that I could do it, I was just thinking about it and it appeared so easily. Even though this is a different world, I am quite surprised that the laws of physics are ignored here.

(The magic here are similar to the laws of physics on the Earth, I guess. I wonder if there is a God who created this world? I can’t help but to think that this degree of expediency must have created by someone. Well anyway, let’s check my status. )

I remember from the times when I was still in Japan, there were some theories about the existence of other universes, which were different from the one the Earth was in. And those universes might be ruled by different laws of physics. I guess it is dangerous to assess things in here using the common sense from the Earth.


Name Larcus Crybird
Age 0
Job Jobless
Level 1
Exp Point 0
HP 3/3
MP 7/7
Strength 1/1
Stamina 1/1
Agility 1/1
Skillfulness 1/1
Mentality 190/192
[Calculation Ability] Level 3
[Negotiation Arts] Level 2
[Biology] Level 2
[Botany] Level 2
[Composition Writing] Level 2
[Science] Level 1
[Management Ability] Level 1
[Handicraft] Level 1
[Argiculture] Level 1
[Housework] Level 1
[Cooking] Level 1
[Status Management]  
[Hardworking Talent]  

(Does my family name mean “Crying Bird”? Anyway, my physical strength is at the level of a baby, naturally. However being my job simply “jobless” is a little harsh. )

When I concentrated a little on the “Jobless”, an explanation appeared in front of me.

[Job, Jobless] : The trash of the society that has no productivity.

(It is so convenient that even the explanation is written in Japanese. The language my parents are speaking is obviously not Japanese, however, the explanations in here are displayed in a language I can understand. )

Somehow, the explanations are in such a way as if they are dissing my past self, but I won’t retort it. I don’t want to remember the eyes of my parents as if they were looking at a trash when I was jobless for a year.

By the way, when I take a look at my Mentality, it was 190/192 now.

It seems, what is displayed there, are the current value and the maximum value. I tried to get an explanation for the Mentality.

[Ability Value, Mentality] : It displays the values of concentration and self-control, and it provides correction on all type of magics when they were used.

When I look at my skills, it seems that Mentality allows me to use the memory of my previous life perfectly. And <> being [Overall] is also quite attractive. I really want to use magic.

Since there are skills, such as [Biology] and [Science], then I think that the ecosystem and the laws of physics-and-matter in this world are similar to Earth in some ways.

(Well then, let’s check the unique skills…)

When I concentrated on [Status Management], an explanation text appeared in front of me.

[Unique Skill, Status Management] :

  • You can change your job to one, that you have fulfilled the requirements for.
  • When your level increased, you can distribute 3% of your stat points’ total sum into any stats as you wish.

(I don’t know how hard it is, to change your job here, but the second one, the ability to distribute my stat points when I levelled up, is quite advantageous for me, since my Mentality points are enormous. I wonder how the other unique skill is like.)

My first unique skill was quite good, so I concentrated on the [Hardworking Talent] excitedly.

[Unique Skill, Hardworking Talent] :

  • It is possible to acquire all kind of skills by putting effort in it.
  • The required Exp Points to level up is doubled.
  • The skill proficiency accumulation speed, for skill level up and acquiring a new skill, is halved.
  • It can evolve to Unique Skill [Prodigy] when the total amount of skill levels exceeded 50.

(What the hell is this?! The growth speed is halved? Is that a curse? However, I guess my <> being [Overall] was thanks to this skill. Fortunately, this skill can evolve to [Prodigy]. And if I work hard until then, I can lift this curse. If I work had, my efforts definitely won’t be fruitless skill-wise, so let’s do it! )



E.T : L’arc changed into Larcus as suggestion from Guro. Thanks for letting us know

E.T 2 : Sajisu changed to Sargis. Thanks Guro. then changed again to Surges (pronounced as Sargis)