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Chapter 007 - Ch 7 crystal flower

The next morning, Lafayette-chan came over and of course, she was screaming when she saw my body size.
“Yes, it is me.”
“How can you become this big?”
I don’t know if she understands the concept of leveling, so I might as well tell her to try it out.
“It is because I leveled up.”
“Leveled up? Oh! I remember some races can change their appearances when they leveled up. But, seeing a rock get bigger overnight.. Your race sure is unique Ishi-san.”
I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry because my race…is truly unique.
“And how did you leveled up?”
“Actually last night, some rats come and tried to eat the flower, that’s why I defeated them.”
“But, you are a rock right? How can you fight?”
“Well…I can roll. So I just rolled over them”
Lafayette then looks around her and can see dozens of horned rat bookmarks that I made.
“So, this is the result?”
“Yeah, you can use it as a bookmark if you want.”
“N-no thanks…”
Lafayette then looks at me with disgusted eyes. Aww…darn it I forgot that even though it was now in a shape of a bookmark it was still a horned rat.
“So, can you move to where you were before Ishi-san?”
“Unfortunately no, my body is too heavy. I can roll down but I can’t roll back up because it is too tiring for me.”
“I see. Then why don’t you roll down some more? You can arrive at my village if you keep on rolling that way.”
“Lafayette-chan, I don’t think that is such a good idea.”
“What will happen if they saw a boulder coming down the hill towards the village?”
“I don’t know ”
“They will panic and try to destroy me before I roll over the village and cause some serious damage. I might lose all my health and die ”
“Ah, sorry Ishi-san. You better stay there then.”
“Yup, no problem.”

After that, time flies by so fast, that the sun is going to set already.
“Ishi-san, it’s time for me to go home.”
“Alright, take care on the way.”
“Mother, I’ll leave now. I’ll come again tomorrow. By the way Ishi-san, I never knew that there are horned rats living around here. You better be careful.”
“What do you mean?”
“It’s because usually the horned rats live in a nest at a fixed location and the nearest is about two mountains from here. Anyway, it’s getting late so I’ll see you again tomorrow.”
“Bye Lafayette-chan.”

I wonder about the last thing she said. Is there something that is forcing the horned rats to come here? Or is it that their number is growing so they have to expand their territories? I don’t know.
Now, what should I do? Should I try to move back to my original position?
However before I do that, a screeching voice that is familiar can be heard.
“Giii! ”
Darn it. It’s the horned rats again.
“Hey you stupid rodent! Over here! The great I, Rocky, is the nemesis of your race is here!. ”
However it doesn’t attack me and in fact, it ran past me. Something weird is going on. It had looked like it was running from something.
The sound of something slithering and hissing could be heard shortly after. Darn it. Is this my new enemy? Is this the one causing the horned rats to run away?
From behind the bushes, some flying snakes emerge. Flying snakes? Yes, they have some kind of bat-like wings on their back.
“I don’t care anymore. Pesky snake, you would look great as a bookmark too. ”
However once again, it was just moving past, ignoring my presence.
“Hahaha! Flee!. That’s the right decision. In front of me, the great rock, you know your place, good… ”
However from behind the trees more sound can be heard. It was a high pitched screech from a bird’s race. This time, a golden eagle comes out from behind the trees.
“Oh! So you’re going to increase the difficulty level huh? First was easy (horned rat), then medium (bat winged snake), and since it is not at my level, it’s now a hard (golden eagle) opponent? ”
However it too flew past me.
“Oi! What’s happening here?”
Moments later, more weird animals came moving past me. Three legged deer, jumping monkey, some black skinned lion. Each time an animal passed me, the next stronger animal would follow behind them.

Finally the noises went down and the forest returned to silence.
Is it over?
*boom* *boom*
I don’t think so. I can hear explosion sounds and the sound of trees falling over. Is the final boss here? Will it show up?
As the trees in front of me fall to the ground, I saw something. It was a robotic bear. Actually, it was a real bear with a steel-like skin covering its body.
It let out a loud roar. Thank god I don’t have an ear drums or it will have burst right now. Still, it is hurting my hearing.
“Oh…you have found it?”
A voice is coming from behind the steel bear. It was a man with a scary face. There are scars scattered on his face and his voice was heavy. He wears an all black armor and which is in contrast to his white hair and grey pupil.
“Good job Jiro. Now, let’s take that flower.”
What? So they were aiming for the crystal flower