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Chapter 005 - Ch 5 thrusting its horn

Being reincarnated in a different world is a bit boring and cliché.. Is that true?

Chapter 5

I need to think of something. What should I tell her? I am a time traveler? No , the concept of time machine doesn’t exist here. I am reincarnated here? No, I don’t know what she will think about it. How about the story of a cursed man? That might work.

“Lafayette-chan, let me try to remember again… Aaah.. I remember that I used to be a wise man. I have someone I love and we would be married however a friend of mine was envious and sent a curse towards me. After that… I lost my consciousness and here I am. ”

“Eh? How about your lover then Ishi-san? You have to hurry and save her. We should look for someone to dispel your curse. ”

Yes. She has taken the bait.

“Lafayette-chan, please be calm. I have a feeling that this world isn’t the same world where I used to live. Furthermore I can’t move anywhere. As for my lover… She might be dead by now because of my friend or in the same situation as me.”

Yes, I have to end the old lover flag so I could raise a new one. I’m so smart.

“Ishi-san.. I know how you feel… Losing someone dear to you.”

“Is it about your mother?”

“Yes… One day my father and my mother came out to walk around the village. This place is where they were attacked. My mother didn’t survive the attack and died here. My father said that this flower is made by her on her last breath.”

“I’m sorry to hear that Lafayette-chan.”

“Don’t worry Ishi-san. I have to live strong for the sake of my mother.”

It is so strange for a small girl like her to think so adult-like.
“If I may ask you, how can you think so mature. ”

” It is because of the books Ishi-san. After my mother pass away, the only thing that could cheer me up is books. The chief is kind enough to let me read a new book everyday. There are some stories that was similar to me. Like the dwarf king and the queen, the hero tales, and many more. They all teach me at how to act and think.”

“Aah, I get it now.”

“If that’s so then, why don’t you come with me to the village Ishi-san? It is better than being here all alone right?”

Finally. This is the question that I have been waiting for. One week alone out here is enough for me. The silence and loneliness is killing me. However, there is a problem.

“Lafayette-chan, I would like to take up your offer but there is a problem here. I can’t walk.”

“Ishi-san, can you roll down?”

“I can. But, how about moving back to this place later on? Since this is a hill, going down is easy. However going up is another matter.”

After that she fell into silence. Maybe she is thinking of something.

“Alright, you can stay here. I will look for a way. There must be an answer among the books.”

“Lafayette-chan, I’m okay. You don’t have to do that. If you promised to me that you will come to this place everyday, that’s enough for me. ”

Yep, I’m trying to tie her up to this place and eventually she will be tied to me.

“If you say so Ishi-san. However I would like to show you my village. ”

“There is still time Lafayette-chan. I won’t be going anywhere. ”

“Alright. If I’m late to pick up my book, the chief will be angry to me. I will return now Ishi-san.”
She stand up and was about to walk away.

“Wait! Lafayette-chan.”

“Eh? What is it Ishi-san?”

“Can you read your book here?”

“Ah! Ishi-san, you’re so smart. Everyday I am trying hard to finish my book before the night falls so I could come here in the morning. If I bring the book here, I don’t have to be worried about that. How can I be so stupid to not notice it. Ishi-san, I will come back here in the morning. Please excuse me.”

After that she ran away quickly. My suggestion to her to read here wasn’t primarily because I wanted to see her earlier each day. I was also interested at the books she read. For her to be able to read a new book everyday, that is too good to be true. Just look at the dense forest around me, the process to gather a new book everyday must required a lot of effort. Anyway, I will know more tomorrow. For now, let me rest.

Just when I am about to relax, something approaches the garden.

*rustle* *rustle*

From behind the bushes, something came out.
It was something that looked like a rat but at the size of a cat. With a horn on its head and red fur covering its body.
It approaches me carefully. No, it wasn’t approaching me. It approaching the crystal flower.

“Shoo Shoo! That’s not food. Shoo!”


The rat is surprised hearing me talk but it didn’t stop. It is coming at a faster speed instead.

” No, don’t do anything to the flower or Lafayette-chan will be sad.”

The rat stopped right in front of the flower.

“I said stop that.”


“Move away from the flower!”


It doesn’t seem to understand my words.
It ignores me and opened it’s mouth. It was trying to bite the flower.
Ugh.. I have no choice.. Darn it..

“I said stop it already!”

I rolled my body and tried my best not to crush the flower under me.


The rat dodged my roll attack but my objective is completed. Its attention is now on me.

“Heh. Finally you listened to me. Or not… Uwaaah…”

The rat then running towards me while thrusting its horn like a spear to pierce my rock body.


This doesn’t look good. I wonder if I will still see Lafayette-chan tomorrow.