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Chapter 004 - Ch 4 Just who are you exactly?

Being reincarnated in a different world is a bit boring and cliché.. Is that true?

Chapter 4

After a long period of time had passed, the girl returned back into the woods.
Of course I felt sad. I couldn’t peek under her dress nor I can feel her soft bottom on top of me.
I wonder if I will be able to move.
For now I can only rotate my body left and right. Moving up and down seemed to be possible but it is too heavy. I can try rolling but if I crushed the crystal rose, I don’t know how to face the girl. What’s more if I rolled downhill, how will I return back to the top?

Just like that my first day after being reincarnated ended.
One week has passed since the day I come to this world. The elf girl always come to this place everyday so I wasn’t too bored. By now I already understand most of her words. However there’s a big dilemma inside of me.
Should I tried to talk to her?
“If only I could cheer her up.”

“I just heard someone talking. Please, show your self.”(girl)
Eeeh, usually whenever I tried to talk, I can only hear the sound of a rock grinding. Aside from the time when I talk to the stupid shinigami, I haven’t talk to anyone else. How is this possible?

Serenburg language understanding : 100%.
Serenburg language learned. There will be no problem interacting using Serenburg language.

Aah. So this is the culprit. What should I do?

“Please, show yourself!”

The elf girl is trembling. She seemed to be afraid.

“Don’t be afraid, my name is Kudou Ishi and I bring you no harm. ”

“Please, show yourself. Why are you hiding?”

“I am not hiding. Actually I’m underneath you.”

The girl then slowly gets up while shivering and look down.

“Where are you?”

“I’m here, I’m the rock.”

The girl face leaned forward and closer to my face. I could feel my breath getting faster even though I have no nose nor am i actually breathing.

Her eyes is looking at my stone eyes.

“Do you believe me now?”


She jumped backwards when she saw my mouth moved.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Then silence fill the air around us. We only stare at each other without saying anything. Then her face turned red. Eh, what happened? Is she sick?

“Are you okay?”

She then nods quickly. “Y-y-yes… It’s just… I’m sorry! For sitting on top of you.”

Oh no.. If she find out the truth, she may think of me as a pervert that loves little girls sitting on top of him. Of course I loved it when she sat on top of me even if I couldn’t feel anything. However I couldn’t let her think of me as a pervert.

“Ah. Don’t mention it. After all I was just born recently.”

“Eh, you were just born? How is that possible? What are you?”

“I don’t know. The only thing I know is that my name is Kudou Ishi.”

“That reminds me, my name is Nanashi Lafayette. Pleased to meet you. Returning back to my question, what exactly are you?”

“What do you mean? Is it my race?”


“My race is Living Rock.”

Then she fell into silence.

“Lafayette, is there something wrong?”

” Actually Ishi-san.. There is no such race such as Living Rock.”

“Eh? How did you know?”

“I possess a special skill called [sacred lexicon]. It is allowing me to remember anything that I have read. I remember all of the races that currently exist and those that have gone extinct in Rebaun. I couldn’t find your race among them.”

I was amazed by her. For a small girl like her to possess such an ability, it is truly fearsome. However there are way too many races to remember.

“There are 1,936 races right? I should be one of them.”

“Ishi-san. As I said earlier, I remember all of the races but I couldn’t find your race. And how do you know if there are 1,936 races?”

“Erm Lafayette, you said this world is called Rebaun? Can you tell me about it?”

“Yes, Rebaun is the name of this world. It has five major continents. Right now we’re at Serenburg continent which is made up of forest and mountains. Elf, treants, dryads, beast race, and most other races with earth and nature affinity lives here.”

It is something that I could only hear about  in a fantasy novel.
“That is amazing. How could you remember that?”

“As I have told you before Ishi-san, it is because of my ability. Besides, I love to read books.”

“So, can you tell me about the other four continents?”

“The Five continents in Rebaun is divided at the north, south, east, west and the center. Serenburg is at the center while on the west is Megardo continent. Megardo is made up by volcano and desert, it is the home of hard scaled races and fire affinity races. On the east is Weinders continent. It was a wide prairie that becomes the home of fast legged and avian race with affinity to the wind. At the north part of Rebaun, is Sorando continent, made up entirely of ice, it is the home of aquatic races with water affinity. The last part is the mysterious Mokarga continent which is the origin of darkness affinity race.”

I am totally amazed listening to her explanation.
“You are amazing. How can you know so much?”

“As I have told you before, I love to read books. The chief always give me a new book to read everyday so I have some knowledge.”

She shyly accepted the compliment and blushes when replying. She is too cute. Irresistible. If only I had a body, I would’ve hugged her by now.
“Erm Ishi-san…”

“Yes Lafayette-chan, what is it?”

“As I asked you before. How did you know if there are 1,936 races if you were just born. Also, there is no Living Rock race in Rebaun. Just who are you exactly?”