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Chapter 003 - ch 03 If only I wasn’t a rock!

Being reincarnated in a different world is a bit boring and cliché.. Is that true?

Chapter 3
“[Status Window]!”

Status Window

Name: Kudou Ishi
Race: Living rock
Rank: F
Level: 1
HP: 10/10
MP: 0/0


Strength: 1
Agility: 1
Intelligence: 0
Vitality: ∞
Dexterity: 1
Luck: – 1

———skill ———-

-Stone Skin (Passive) : Your skin is as hard as a rock.

-Physical Pain Immunity (Passive) : You won’t feel any physical pain.

-Infinite Vitality (Passive) : As a rock you don’t need any sleep and you won’t feel fatigued.

I don’t know whether I should be happy or not.

My status is horrible except for vitality, but now I can’t sleep anymore.

Of course I have a skin that is literally as hard as rock which won’t allow me to feel the supple and soft feeling of a girl. What a God’s send Devil’s ability.

The best thing I have is physical pain immunity, but how about magic or mental attack?

Darn it.. I was tricked by that stupid shinigami.
He said this resembles my personality. But this isn’t me at all.
I like to sleep and I am lazy!
Yeah…actually…this suits me well.

Alright! This isn’t the time to be depressed. I still have some hope…maybe…

I looked at my surrounding and examine it closely.

I was on top of a small hill. The area around me is a barren; however, it appears to be at a 3 meter radius with me as the center as it is contrasted with the greenery beyond. Am I the cause of this? It’s as if I’m a small meteorite that just landed in here.

I look around by using all my effort to roll my head sideways. From the hill top view, the scenery was too beautiful to describe. Mountains laid down as far as my eyes can see, making a natural wall. The trees in the forest were so dense as if untouched by human’s civilization. The clouds are decorating the clear blue sky. If I could paint this scene onto a canvas, I would be the grandmaster painter of the century.

Suddenly I heard a voice from behind.


I couldn’t understand the language spoken.


You have discovered a new language.
Serenburg language
Current understanding: 0.01%

The voice gradually becomes louder and it seems like it’s a song. The voice is so melodious and charming, as if it belongs to an angel.

From the edge of the forest, a young girl appears. She has long yellow braided hair. Her eyes are grey and her lips are in pale pink colour. She has a childish look about her indicating her young age but the main thing that attracts me is her pointy ear.

For God’s sake, she is an elf!

Her face is still lacking in some parts but when she grow up, I believed that she will reveal her charm and entice every men whose eyes will fall upon her. Her clothing is something that came out of a fantasy game, a frilly white dress with a red ribbon around her chest area.


She is still singing before it turns into a scream and she rushes towards me and puts her hand on the ground. Her face shows a hint of sadness and disbelief.

“wh4t’5 h4pp3n3d? ”

It seemed that where I currently am, it used to be her secret garden.

” 1mp0551bl3…”

A crystal clear line was flowing down on her cheeks. She was crying while holding some soil from the barren area.

“m0th3r’5 f10w34.”

After a while she suddenly stands up and is trying to do something.

I saw some kind of green lights forming on her hands.

“th3 c4ll 0f n4tur3, h34r my c4l1. N4tur3’5 bl3551ng!”

Then the area around me seemed to be revitalized.
The grass slowly returns to turn the barren area around me back into a green pasture. I then realized that there’s only one flower in this place and it is the one in front of my eyes.

Its appearance is that of a rose but it seemed like to be made out of crystal glass. When the sunlight falls on it, the colour becomes dazzling rainbow from the lights spectrum reflected on it.

The rainbow brings back the smile on the girls face and for a moment, *doki*doki*, my heart is beating fast even though I couldn’t feel the rest of my body. My breath becomes heavier even though I don’t have a nostril nor can I breathe.

I feel alive although my condition is as good as a dead body.
I feel like… I’m in love~…

The girl then approaches the flower and touched the petal delicately.


Then she sits on top of me.

Oh no! I could feel my heart stopped beating for a moment there.

If only.. If only I wasn’t a rock! I could feel her soft bottom on top of me. Darn that stupid Shinigami!

“M0th3r..I m1553d y0u..”