Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

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Chapter 002 - ch 02 “[Status Window]!”

Being reincarnated in a different world is a bit boring and cliché.. Is that true?


Chapter 2



In a small hill that is full of plants and flowers, a high density of mana is gathered.


It is combining together and swirling in a circle forming a small cyclone.


Soon it was compressed into a higher density and became smaller, until finally it became a ball of high density of mana floating in the air.


Afterwards it began to absorb the energy around it, causing the greenery around to turn into a barren land, and it reached its final form.


It turned grey in colour.

It turned solid.

It became perfect and fell down to the ground because it’s enormous weight.


It was a rock.


The rock surface was smooth and as the wind blew, it carved into the rock.


First it made three horizontal lines. Two lined up on the upper part and one below.


The wind then passed by again, as if sculpting the stone into a grand piece of art.


The crevice on the rock then split open, revealing a face.




My heads feel heavy…

My body even feel heavier..


I can’t move…”


Slowly I tried to open my eyes. My field of vision was at the same level with the ground, so I must be lying down on the ground.


” Here we go.. Huup…”

I tried to get up but I couldn’t.



I can’t even feel the rest of my body aside from my head.

I am really confused.


Suddenly I saw a black vortex forming in front of me.

A man covered in black robe appeared from the center of it.



“Ah!…It seemed that your reincarnation has been completed.”

It was the man who claimed himself as the shinigami earlier.


“What have you done to my body?”


“What do you mean?”


“I can’t get up.”


“Of course you can’t.. Your body is missing.”




The Shinigami then takes out a mirror.




I saw my own reflection and was shocked. There was nothing else besides my head. In fact my head wasn’t even my head anymore. It is now looked like something made up from rock.


“I have turned ugly!”


“Erm.. Shouldn’t you be worried about your missing body first?”


“No… My charming face…”


“As I said…isn’t there a more pressing issue”


“Now I’ll never find a girlfriend…”


“How can you be so stupid…”


“Elf.. Elf.. What happened to my dream elf face? Even the stone man from the majestic four is more handsome than me… No… Let me reincarnate again.. Truck-kun.. Where are you?”


“*sigh*.. I don’t know what to say anymore.”


I was returned from my depression because of those words. I shifted my gaze to him.


“You.. You stupid Shinigami ! I already told you to reincarnate me into the world of elf.”


“Of course I did that. Who do you think I am? There’s no mistake.”


I shouted at him angrily.

“Then how can I be in this form? I’M A ROCK NOT AN ELF!!”


“You said to reincarnate you in a world where there is an elf race. In fact the elf race exist in this world along with 1936 other races. ”


“What I mean is a world where only elves exist. Only one race and that is elf! ”


“*chuckle* Well.. Too bad you didn’t tell me clearly before.”

Ugh.. Darn it.. He is clearly tricking me.


“So, what am I?”


“Umm.. A rock?”


I’m really in no mood for a joke. How bad is my luck? To be reincarnated into a rock out of 1937 races out there. Wait.. I may still have hope.


“Stupid shinigami.. You said that I will get a cheat skill right? Now tell me, what’s mine? ”


“Slow down.. It is also chosen randomly. ”


Darn it.. I remember he said that it couldn’t be chosen but it should be super OP right?


“Pfft… ”

The stupid Shinigami took out a book, read it and laughed..


“Hey, tell me what’s so funny?! ”


“Hahaha.. Please…Haha…wait…Hahaha… ”


It wasn’t a good sign. He is even laughing hard on the ground and rolling about for several times. I’m starting to get pissed off.


After a while he regained his composure.


“Alright… I’ll leave for now.”


“Wait! Wait! What about me?”


“Well…just say [Status Window] and you’ll see with your own eyes.”


After saying that, the stupid Shinigami was gone. He jumped inside a vortex behind him and then a second later no sign of anomalies can be seen as if it never happened”


I was left stunned before slowly realizing what I should do now.

“[Status Window]!”