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Chapter 001 - ch 01 White room

Being reincarnated in a different world is a bit boring and cliché.. Is that true?

Author:ldyrdy editor: MeeBoo

Chapter 1


I wake up and find myself in a white room.


Is this heaven?


However when I tried to get up, I couldn’t even feel my body. I was now in a spirit form, a hitodama (spirit ball) .


Is this where I will receive my judgement? Will I meet with an angel?


Wait.. Am I really worthy of entering the heaven? Maybe the devil will be sent for me?


Wait… If I remember correctly, many light novels have this situation. I will met with someone claiming to be a God. Huhuhu.. I’m so smart.


A few minutes later, I saw a man in black clothes entered the room. His apparel is a contrasted with the room.


“So, are you the victim? ” he is looking at me with a suspicious eyes.


” You may feel confused. Apparently, you died this morning because of a mistake. Your name is Ishi right? ”

The man brings up a book out of no where.


” You were designated to die at the age of 34, cause of death is heart attack from obesity. It is unfortunate that you were involved in an accident. However since we made the mistake, you now have a choice. ”


I don’t know how but I knew I could speak even though I’m in this form.

” What do you mean that it was a mistake? I clearly felt the pain. I remember the feeling of having every bones in your body being crushed. ”


” Maybe you didn’t realized it, but don’t you think the truck was a little bit strange? ”

” Of course it was strange. It is smiling and looking at me. ”

” Aaah… So you have realized it.. Actually, truck-kun is one of us. We are Shinigami (the angels of death) and we’re tasked to take the lives of those who were scheduled to die. However he is going insane after failing his task of killing a girl. Unfortunately every time he is tasked to kill a girl, a boy always saves her and ends up dying in her stead. Now, truck-kun will always run over a boy because he had never failed to do so. But he wasn’t doing it according to schedule anymore. ”


I couldn’t believe what I just heard.

” So, because you were not supposed to die, you are given two choices. First, you could return to your life if within 49 days, there are three people who are not part of your family, that cried for you. ”


I don’t think there will be anyone crying for me. I even feel that my parents were relieved to know that I died.


” Second, you could get reincarnated in another world. Of course as compensation you will get a special skill. ”


I thinked a bit about reincarnation . Is this the famous reincarnation in another world? Where I will get a cheat ability and become OP.


” Could I choose my special skill? ”

The shinigami frowned a bit.


” Unfortunately no. ”


” Can I choose my appearance? ”


” That’s another no. ”


” Then how about my ability? ”


” It will be adjusted to suit you. ”


It was an absurd reply. Okay, let’s ask something else

” Then, will I still become a human? ”


” You could choose to be reincarnated to a world with magic and if you’re lucky, you will get a rare race. ”


Even if I’m lazy, hearing this makes my blood boil in excitement. I always dreamed myself to be an elf. Of course it wasn’t because of the magic aptitude but their looks and long life span. I can sleep as long as I want without fear that I will use up all of my life and the good looks can be used to find myself a girlfriend. Of course I’m a normal high school student that wanted some love.


” Alright… I want to be reincarnated in a different world. ”

The shinigami is now smiling ear to ear.


” That’s great! You’ve made a good choice. ”


” Make sure it is a world with elf race. ”


” As you wish. Now, please proceed trough that door. ”

Suddenly he was pointing behind me and there was a door.

I floated to the door. Of course I’m still in hitodama mode and have no legs.


The door opened slowly. Inside, it was dark and I could see a mist swirling around within like a black hole. It doesn’t look promising but I got no other choice.


Here I go…




How’s the new series look like? Hahaha…


Tomorrow is sunday so there will be no release so, you could let your mind wander around thinking his reincarnation… For anyone who could guess it right I’ll email you sneak preview lol…