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Chapter 000 - BR prologue


Author: ldyrdy        editor: MeeBoo



It was a sunny day.


I woke up as usual and prepared to go to school.


however I would have never thought that today would be a little bit different.


My name is Ishi and I am 17 years old. Hobby: none, I’m just a regular highschool student.


I watched anime sometimes and read manga but usually I spend my days sleeping or dozing off. Doing nothing is my forte.


In the morning I arrived at the crossroad which I passed by everyday to reach my school.


That day, a girl is walking in front of me. She walks at a faster pace than me and had crossed the crossing halfway. I was still at the side when I saw a truck coming down the hill at unbelievable speed.

The traffic lights were red, so the truck should be slowing down or else it will hit the girl.


Could this be the famous scene? Where a girl is saved by a boy from a truck.


Oh truck-kun. You’re so unlucky to stumbled into me. I won’t do anything to save the girl.



I swear to God I just saw the front grill of the truck curved upwards as if it was smiling.


My sight was shifted to the truck driver. He was in panic and shouted out loud while hitting the horn.

“Honk~ Get out of the way! ”


The girl was terrified as she is looking at the source of the noise.


Am I going to witness an accident in front of me?




However truck-kun is now looking at me. It’s front lights is clearly shining on my direction as if it was gazing at me.


The truck was moving to the left as the driver tried to avoid the girl. Is that true? AH!! Just now the driver jumped out of the truck.


It is now moving towards me.


The truck was tilted because of the sudden change of direction. It then falls on its side and flipped two times in the air.


Now it wasn’t simply a truck coming at me. But it was a rolling truck.


Oh God.. Did you send truck-kun at me?


The last thing I could remember is the devilish smile and blazing red eyes of the truck-kun before it rolled over me.