Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Birth of a Necromancer

Chapter 005 - Wish

There are many forms of which evil can take. Throughout the history of Kanburough Kingdom, there had been dictators, vile murderers and plague. These are just a few. In reality, the nature of evil is change. War is the result of change. So is plague and madness. Change forces evil upon the world. But then again. Is 'evil' really always bad? Does it never result in anything good? The answer is... It does. Plague fixes famine by reducing population. So does war. The assassination of an evil dictator is murder, and the dictator serves as a symbol of evil, which by being killed lets the people think, that justice is served. Good and evil is one, united by change.


The being that emerged from the shadows didn't 'emerge' as such. It seemed to have fused with the darkness and some point, and now looked as if it was a different kind of darkness, which could be distinguished from the rest of the blackness.

"How do you do? Evitagen, the root of all evil"

The thing said this, as masses of skin and flesh started to form over the dark mass, that functioned as it's body.

"I know you need me. You see, I know you. Probably better than you do yourself" It continued.

"I know you do. You're my subconsciousness. It tends to know more than I do. You're proof of that." Ash responded.

Ash was not shocked or scared, because he knew that the being couldn't harm him, since he didn't wan't it to. He created it. Right?

"Oh I know you think you 'made' me, but the reality is that you don't have even the slightest bit of control over this situation. I believe you had quite a bit of trouble covering up the wound you got last night?".

"Alright, Evitagen, prove to me that you are real. Make a simple wish true for me"

Ash knew that it was moronic to argue with himself, as he was doing indirectly, but thought he would entertain himself, at least a little longer.

"Give me the power to punish the priest, who keeps me captive here, in the church".

"But Mr. Tsuga, do you understand that your request has a price?" The being asked

It had finished materializing. It had taken the form of a tall Caucasian male with black hair, that emitted purple light. It wore a white, theatrical, featureless disc-like mask on it's face, covering up whatever kind of horror was hidden behind it.

"I understand the price, but I don't believe in you in the first place, so grant me this request".

A piece of parchment suddenly appeared in front of Ash. On it, multiple characteristics of his were listed. Skills he possessed, his strengths, weaknesses, magic affinity and much more. This startled Ash slightly, actually, it startled him so much, that it woke him up.

Ash woke up to the sound of someone saying:
"It has been done, Mr. Tsuga".