Rebirth Online World

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Birth of a Necromancer

Chapter 000 - Prologue

While holy texts and preachers, would like to have you thinking otherwise, evil resides, where the gods do, waiting for it's chance to overthrow it's heavently rulers. You do not invite it... It always finds a way in, through the cracks in our minds, left behind by experiences of which, we would rather not speak.

Such was the case for the young elven slave, Ash, who served in The Grand Church of Kanburrough. It was not by his own volition, as the elves were non-religious. Although, his position as a slave left him without a say in the matter.

Usually, when a lord in possession of slaves dies, the slaves would be inherited by the family heir. However, if there was no heir to speak of, the slaves would end up being transferred to the church, often with the blame for their master's deaths pinned on them. 

In our young elven friend, Ash's case, his master had killed himself. 

The Kingdom of Kanburrough was made up of two political factions. The royal family and the noble faction. They were always struggling for the people's votes of confidence, seeing as they couldn't reach a consensus in regards to anything. Neither of the two could ever afford to stain their reputations, as symbols of honor, power, and stability, and because of that, suicide was considered a form of treason, as it showed the masses that nobles were people too. An idea neither of the two wanted to spread. This was especially true for the nobles, since their power wasn't as established as the royal family's. Therefore, slaves would have to take the fall, so the nobles could stay afloat in their political struggle.

This kind of society, was bound to create division amongst the people. There were those unaffected, who would go about their daily lives, without having to worry about being blamed for the mistakes of others. There were also the ones, who had taken the fall, so the nobles wouldn't have to. Instead, they chose to peacefully live out their days as slaves. And finally, there were those who chose to become something even more sinister, than the people who had taken everything from them.

Our story starts on the cold, hard surface of the marble altar, on which the elven slave, Ash, is once again to be tested. Cracked. Broken, until he eventually has to make a choice...


To accept or become.