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I Chose to Fake My Own Death: 50th Chapter Milestone Passed!

"You've always been afraid." 

Who? Who said that? 

"Hitomi, my cute little one, shouldn't you be basking in the warm and tender embrace of your dear one? Why are you hiding in a closet crying?"  


This announcement might be a bit too late, but late is better than never!

I Chose To Fake My Own Death has passed its 50th chapter milestone already~!

Maybe now is the best time to read those piles of chapter, no? :3 

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Minglan Ch. 10

Yo, it's been a while but here it is!

Ch 27 is under checking, once its done we'll post it on patron right away! 

| Part I | Part II |

Separated them into two parts, cause why not? 


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Evil Like duke household chapter 40

Translator : Visu

Editor : ExRiel



Another chapter of duke household ~ :> I hope you enjoy it ~

thanks for Exriel for editing this, DrErich for cleaning the raw and of course the great author for writing this novel :>




well, hope you like the chapter :>


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