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Nidome no Yuusha (v2c5) Part 1

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Mete: I know you all would have lot of stuff you want to say and wish to give me a piece of your mind for, But Before that just hear me out.

1. I have another project which is just 15~ chapters left for completion.
2. The NNY chapters are long and require really powerfull concentration to get the quality perfect like this time.
3. I am Short of Editors, I need someone who knows NNY and is ready to work on it and not make a lot of mistakes.

IF you have what it takes, apply here on discord.
Ping mommy Z for the test.

The schedule will be published and followed in 15 days so wait for the schedule and the next part will be published on thursday. I have IA(MON-WED)


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Editor: Our special Editor, without whom i couldn't have completed this chapter *drum Rolls* The American-Asian Mango Munching Dragon - MANGODRAGON. Thanks




Chapter v2c5-pt1