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Balada has been picked up by a publisher!!!!!!

My book Balada: When death did not exist, nor yet Eternity has been picked up by publisher Pentian books and they are runnign a crowdfunding campaign for it.



Their policy is that the company only keeps 10% of every cent the book makes, the other 90% is divided amongst the author and the crowdfunding/Kickstarter backers.



If you buy even the lowest tier backing sum you will permanently receive royalties from the book's sales.


The amoubt you get varies from 7.5% for the top backers of 120 $ worth tier to 0.75% of the basic backers of 12% tier.


Pentian is the curent market leader in crowdfundign books, and they are alway looking for talent, they even accepted me, without and agent or previous publishing work.


If you can help us fund this book (it only needs abour 1600 $ total) you will be getting a permanent stake from all it's profits.

Help us and you will help yourself even more!


Thank you and hope to hear from any and all!!!!!


Here's the link