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ROW's First Hallowsfest

In the spirit of Halloween, Rebirth.Online proudly presents to you: 

HALLOWSFEST - a night of games and movies. 

Get updated by checking our social medias and website!

Neverthless, full details would be in our Discord Server~! 

But here's the main idea of the event:

In October 28th - 29th (GMT 0 - 0), Rebirth.Online will be hosting a Gaming Competition and a Movie Marathon!

   For the Gaming Competition, the player with the highest score in Town of Salem, Cards Against Humanity and will get to pick a prize from the list we have prepared for you, so play to win!    

  What's that? You don't want to play and just want to be lazy this Halloween? Then look no further, for we'll also be hosting a Movie Marathon! So save the date and watch with us, Train to Busan, Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016), An Autopsy of Jane Doe & Ringu (1998)! That is, of course, if your heart can take it~ 

    What are you still waiting for? Start training, and make sure to remember the date~!