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Welcome Phyantasm

Finally, there's no new members! I can finally lay back and just share meme! 

Wait, you mean there's another one? Well F#!&.

*cough* Just when we thought that there be no new announcement this day, another fellow bast- sla- staff joined!

Introducing the latest staff that ruined my day,   Welcome to the family, Phyantasm!

Anything else you want to say, you sadist?

"Thank you! I hope you'll support my future project! Leaving comments even if it's bad is good too!"

Since we already introduced the new author, let me also use this time to advertise his work: Yora Chronicles.

While the other one seeks revenge and the other seeks the truth. Perhaps if the two were to meet again, they would be so warped by their own hands that they would not even recognize the other.