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#WedAskROW +Some Announcement For Minglan Fans!

And drum roll please!

*Dun Dun Dun*

For this week's #WedAskRow !

YES of course I'm the great translator who translate Town and TDADP! -Not. I'm not the translator of both of this XD

Translator of town is the basta- MtlAnon while for TDADP, there's actually 3 translators: Snow -the original, Z and a new translator which you'll soon know. 

But don't worry, I made sure that they read your comment! 

Also btw For Minglan Fans,  the translator just told me that once they manage to translate the first 5 chapters,  they decided to just translate the latest chapters too!  So whaty will happen is that innsome week theyll update the latest and in some week the previous chapter!