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And once again we have a new author joining ROW! 
Please welcome, datasage.275! 

Anything you want to say?

datasage.275: Well *scratches head*, I don't know what to say... For quite some time these thoughts have been in my mind, slumbering. At long last I have found an avenue to share my thoughts with the world. I hope you enjoy it.


In the year 2020, the world faced its greatest tribulation yet; it was the dawn of World War III. The events of the past leading up to this point has led to irreconcilable grudges between the Seven Major Powers of the world. The flames of war swept across the land and each day more battles raged on. When the climax of the war was swiftly approaching and everyone thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse, a new calamity befell the world.

If you want peace, then get ready for war. 
For war is coming, and there's nowhere to hide.

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