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New chapters update

Happy New Year everyone:)

It comes a bit late but I was busy with visitng relatives and playing FF15:) However I have some chapters to release and I think you will like it. Thanks goes to Yuki and Anon for their help again. And for those who are interested our new Editor Furvus has edited the chapter 1-15 of Isekai Shoukan and he will also reedit Monster Musume 1-30 with another new editor Marupoyopoyo, which will still take some time. 

Isekai chapter 24  

Monser Musume chapter 44

Monster Musume chapter 45

Hero Pandemic 8

PS: About Inma no Hado new chapters will come on the weekend I already translated the next 5 chapters but all of them are really long so it will take some time to edit them.