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The World Devourer - Chapter 7

How's it going bros.


Its a beautiful sunday morning aaaannnnnddddd your most favorite world devourer is here (woohooo).
You may think, But Peanut you said in one of your footnotes that chapter 7 will be released on monday.
Ugh... why complain when another chapter is presenting itself infront of you? Deal with it punk!
Well monday is a PRREEETTTTYYYY busy day so imma release this unedited chap early.
Enjoy the chapter and keep em comments commin' it's what keeps me going.
Have a great sunday and stay awesome bros


Notice me senpai <3 

Birth of a Necromancer - Scheduled Update

Chapter 35 is out now, and with that, I would like to announce, or well, tell you something. I'm not as far ahead with writing this arc, as I have been with the others before this one. That means that I won't be able to do extra-releases without damaging the quality of the story, which I really don't want to do. 

I just wanted to explain why you haven't been getting that many chapters each week. I really do hope you understand, because there's not much I can do about it, if I want to maintain the relatively high quality of content, I have been posting.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the chapter!

Read here: Birth of a Necromancer - Chapter 35: The Golden Goose

town chp 33

Hiya guys sorry for lack of chp all this time, since I have been busy with work. just last week I just come back from Shanghai, China from a business partner son wedding. I go to China early to give myself some holiday hence the lack of chp since I am at China for 2-3 weeks without any pc/laptop to release the chp.

There is also a thing with my TLC where he try to made a Guiness Book of Record of "How many times a human can get sick in one year" Like the last time I count it already 25-26 times just this year. he might be able to write his own book for this.

anyways here is the next chp of town, Enjoy.



TLC: Unadon

ED: Yugiri


Chapter 33