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Black Butterfly

so can even god's be sinned?

whats the meaning of those dream's?........ WHAT ARE THOSE DREAM'S!!

Yo, What's up Everyone!

I'ts me the new player in this game of storytelling and I'm back with a new chapter of Black Butterfly

with those questions let's see what's planned by fate or fate is planned by someone else...

chapter 2 - Peasant?

Hope you guy's like it!




WT Updates~

Hello guys~ Long time no see~

AmitaKumaradasa is back from hiatus and I will once again start to write World Traveler. *No. WT is not World Teacher nor it is Wizard Tale. Don't confuse it.*

This long hiatus is not my plan but you know. Once you stop doing something, it's hard to pick it back up. Coupled with many irl problems, it delayed my plan even longer. I have to force myself to do it again. so my advice, don't go on hiatus for too long. Better to just find a different but similar things to do (in my case, I should write another side project.)

Well. well. I have rant for a bit longer than my usual rant. I just feel the need to write more and more right now. On no. I did it again.

Here is the new chapter before I go crazy with more writing.

Chapter 36: The Mountain Pass

Enjoy it~ See you next week~


PS: we got a writing class so if you want to try writing, you should contact the staff and we will share the link. Please. only for those who wish to write. we will welcome you~

The School that saves the world? I have super powers!?

Chapter 24! I am too lazy and out of ideas to name my chapter.... So I am just going to put it as chapter 24.

I'l still name my other chapters, but just that I have no idea what to call this one.

This chapter we have quite a few reference XD  This Chapter is also a build up to another plot, So look forward to it.. HUE HUE HUE


Happy reading! Chapter 24


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