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Allright lads, drop the good carpets, get out the decent wine, not that piss we get, line up the silverware, the real one's not the fakes. The nobbs are having a meeting and a bunch of demonic beasts dressed in navy uniforms is enough of a reason for us c

Lates update for my book!


Ch 11 Metternich found himself next to Tarkan el Balamarus and Valyria Treakle with Butz behind him and Adrian next to Valyria.



Ch 12-Maramanakama Imperial field command center. 12:23 Local Planetary time


WT updates~

Hello guys~

It's been a long time since I updated my story. After looking around the old arc 2, I have to choose between massive edit or complete rewrite. in the end, I chose to rewrite them. I apologize for the late and slow update.

Here are two new chaps

Chapter 32 : War Situation

Chapter 33 : Magic Lesson (Part 1)

I will work hard to update two or more chaps this week. The outline is still the same with just different wordings so it should be quick.

So, that's it. Enjoy~