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Wohoo! 50 chapters till we reach 700 XD

Chapter 649. Happy Reading!


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TGFNSYL Fan-Art Contest!


You know what time it is, TGFNSYL is near its 700th chapter and as always we'll be doing a contest!
What contest this time? Drum roll please~!

In celebration that SYX is now thirteen going on fourteen , fello- cough
Let's see your idea as to what will happen or what YOU want to happen ; please keep it pg though, SYX is still in a kid's body after all!
All you have to do is simple: Just make a nice fan-art based on SYX's birthday.

You can submit your work anytime till the beginning of May and end of April. You got a lot of time to do it, DON'T WASTE IT! Submit it at our other Discord Server! (
Good luck! And have fun~