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MM chapter 57 & a little surprise:)

Hello everyone. Here is the next MM chapter. Next chapter we will encounter another person who can use talisman art, then we will have a fight against a court magician and chapter 60 will be a special chapter because it will be a girls talk chapter:) Thanks goes to Yuki and KIngColly for their help.

chapter 57

Translation: Parthios

TLC: Yuki

Editor: KingCooly


And I also have a little surprise for everyone:) I and Yuki work on something, which has to do with JP Sky and White and the Number 8:)

Surprise chapter

Unmotivated Hero's Tale - v1c10

Hello again! This is the new update of UHT! Sorry again for the late update. I was busy again IRL, and things will get busier from now on. I am now about to get a job. And I want to focus on that (Or should I say, I could only focus on that, because it's a 12 hr operation giving me only time to rest) so the translation will be even more slower from now on. 

 Chapter Link Here! UHT Chapter 10

Translator: Aerosol31

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Birth of a Necromancer - Scheduled Update

Two chapters left of this arc! I'm having tons of fun with writing this, and I hope that shows on the chapters. 

I've been away for a while and my editor's laptop is broken, so if there are any mistakes in this one, please do let me know so I can correct them. That hasn't impacted the story, though. 

I'm really excited to show you guys where I'm planning to take the story, which will become very clear in the next few chapters, so stay tuned for that. Like I said, I really hope you've been enjoying this arc, since it has been my favourite, by far.

Read here: Birth of a Necromancer - Chapter 38: Reuinted