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Two Fish in a Bottle

Hey guys! Sakamoto here. I woukd be translating a book called : Two Fish in a Bottle



Above everyone's head is piece of blue sky. 

So why trap yourself in a bottle? 

I don't want to be the fish, and you don't want to be the bottle anymore. 

We should let go of all constraints, and truly enjoy the freedom.



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Apologies for the delay and the sudden disappearance.

Holidays started and I had my finals last week, surprisingly some of the exams' difficulty was within acceptable margin so I devoted more time to studying.

Just moved from my old place back home for the holiday so I should start getting some more spare time, excluding the part-time job hours.

Next chapter should be up within 2 days.

Once again, my apologies for the delay.

Undead Seeks Warmth - Ch. 9.3,9.4

Hello Everyone!

Please thank julius, for his generous donation (and the first one for this series, so to speak of!)!

Truthfully speaking, I was surprised to see the donation come in at all, since there has been none since we picked up this series.

This donation also reminded me that the donation link in there is to my account, and though the money ended up reaching the current translator Visunoriva, I will make sure to change it to his account to avoid any future confusion!

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Anyhow, here come another two chapters!

The gear - Still not accumulating

Idle Talk


New Novel

TL : Visu

ED : MasterofCoins


New translated novel by Kumoi-sensei =w=/ , it's romance story about cruel king and weird(?) princess , well better see by urself ~

btw , if someone's wondering what happened to yuusha isagi, we didn't drop it, in fact already have 2 chapter unedited , but is so long and editors kinda busy =w=/ ~ (4-1 is lost , so he had to re edit it )

well then ~ thanks for masters to editing this, and Kumoi-sensei with her awesome work (author is female btw) ~




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World Devourer - The Origin 1

Hullo Fluffy Peanut here!


Introducing the new and improved chapter!! quite the treat because this origin arc is 6 chapters long :D
let me know what you think after reading this chapter by writing your thoughts down on the comments (comments make me super duper happy even if its criticism)

The Origin 1

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Magic Bullet Chp 15

Sorry it take a while to release the regular chp of this month, I plan to release it last week but I got a terriable headache almost everyday because of the hot weather..... after that Summer Steam Sale happens and it is not easy to keep me focused.... anyways there is 2 chp slot that can be released through donation.

Also thanks to people who is supporting and reading Magic Bullet and now this series has 3,141 avid reader in novelupdates.

thank you, Arigatou Gozaimasu, Xie Xie. m( -  - )m.


TL: MTLanon

TLC: Aud

ED: Yuugiri


Chapter 15