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We were the legionaries of Malus, the World Breaker”





"As things seemed to be becoming bleak for the commander, a sudden trumpet bugle was heard and  I witnessed some of the rear units of the cavalry turning their heads to see what was going on, they had only a few moments to see the Imperial cavalry lead by Commodore de Morowetz doing a counter charge on their rear, which plowed through them like  hot knife through butter, those that were at the front of the formation tried one last desperate charge trough the Golems in the faint hopes of reaching Metternich, but their effort was for naught, for right behind the crest of the hill, was the 88th which greeted the enemy cavalry with blood and iron, our iron their blood.”




Private Raz V’a van; Imperial Engineers Corps







Ch 20-We were the legionaries of Malus, the World Breaker”

Destination of Crybird - News & Status

Hello Everybody,

I am pleased to announce that we have completely finished moving this novel to our new site. 

And even more, that we have talked things over with Libert8, who has recently restarted his translation of this novel, and we have come to an agreement that this novel will be posted both on his blog and here. 

You can find the blog here: Libert8's Blog

We will be updating the novel on our site as fast as we can. 

Nevertheless, there might be some delays in delivery, but we will try to make them as short as possible.

You can find the novel here: Destination of Crybird

As of now, it should be up to date with 32 total chapters.

Enjoy the read! :)

Yuusha update

TL : visu

ED : Anonaway

PR : isnipedninja


hello ~ new chapter of isagi *clap clap*


some bad news, my laptop is already at it's limit so I will send it to the repair shop ~ maybe take 2 weeks or more ~

good news is I already translated chapter 3 - 9 so there's still update for next week

another good news, I pickup USW ~ still undergoing editing I think ~


anyway, here's the new chapter ~ thanks for all staff for editing this ~ and of course for author-sama ~ *bow*


well then *bow*


032 - 3-8 Hello and then Bye bye

Birth of a Necromancer - Extra Release

Once again, I release outside of my regular schedule. I know, scary... If there's anyone out there, who didn't catch why, it's because I have a metric ton of finished chapters lying around, waiting to be released. I feel bad being so far ahead of you all, so in order to make up for that, I bring you quick releases of supreme quality. 

On a serious note, the second arc "The Adventurer's Arc", which ya'll are currently reading, is nearing an end. The next chapter shall conclude this current arc. But fear not, for I have started writing the next, so we'll instantaneously be back on schedule. 

I shall hear naught but cries of happiness from my readers!

Now that I have ranted about things that, let's be honest, nobody could care less about, I bring you... The chapter.

Read here: Birth of a Necromancer - Chapter 19: Change of Heart