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Chapter 49

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Chapter 49


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M8E や: Ah, Yo hey guy's what's up I'm M8E や (not real name though xD) a newcomer in this game of storytelling, eh? My pen name is awkward, I know it is that's why I like it. mhm You read this stuff too... lol so what can I say? I'm an highschooler from India and yeah that's it I know its not that cool but just... that's all I have to say.

Scarlet Luna: Heya, this is Scarlet... well this is my pen name.. I am from India as well like M8E や... Hope my character designs as well the novel by M8E pleases you all... hope ya enjoy and thank you for supporting us.

This Story Black Butterfly a product of two brains M8Eや  being the author and digital artist/redrawer and Scarlet Luna being the official characters sketcher and drafts designer has some rather nice works and illustrations ( we'll add them soon) an at yhis point I think... yeah enough with the lazy intro and dramatic cheesy lines, these are some paragraphs from its first chapter :- 

World…… it’s always divided in a good side and bad side…..

People assume that in a place where if life is then moral and immoral existences will be natural, like in yin and yang….. Black being considered wicked and White being worthy.

But the real existence of evil and immoral thoughts is never a thing that Black color really wanted to be called as, the real presence of maliciousness is never represented by it, Rather it was destiny that gave its order or so fate imaginably that’s what really wanted…………….. 


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Chapter 3: ART


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World Devourer - Chp. 8

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Chapter 8 - The peanut who became a real boy

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