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The World Devourer - Chapter 16



Bow down and worship this Fluffy Peanut because he has once again grace you pitiful mortals with another batch of his divine writings! as you all know, my past files were corrupted so I had no choice but to whip up another chapter =_=. But do not fear my followers! This chapter exceeded the quality of the one that got corrupted :D 
I hope ya'll enjoy this and please leave a comment because comments make me happy 

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Chapter 16 (>o<)

Town Chapter 37

Another Chapter for Town. still guessing how much I should charge for this series to increase the pace. there is some donation coming for this series and ask if I have patreon page. nope I don't, well I do. but still trying to figure out how to use this..... anyways here is the chp



TLC: Unadon

ED: Yuugiri

Chapter 37

Birth of a Necromancer - A Request from the Author

Hey, everyone! I've been hard at work, trying to make Birth of a Necromancer become a better story, even though it's quite alright as it is. So far, I've finished three entire chapters, which has made me realize that it'll be a while before I finish it all on my own. Therefore, I've decided to ask you guys - the comunity - for help. 

If there's a single one of you, or a few of you, who would like to help out making the novel become even more amazing than I believe it already is; be it by suggesting changes to the plot, or by helping me edit, because I'm in dire need of both. 

The reason I'm changing the chapters in the first place is because I want you, the readers, to have a better time reading what I hope to make an actual, published novel, at some point. If any of you are willing to help out, or even just slightly interested in sharing your thoughts on the plot and the general state of the novel, please do come to the Discord Server I just made.

I've mainly made this server for discussing the novel with you guys, but I'd also love for it to be a community corner, where we can figure out where I fucked up, and where I did a good job. 

If you're at all interested, please; be my guest:

The World Devourer - Chapter postponed

Hello guys, Fluffy Peanut here.


I'm very sorry that today's chapter got postponed. For some reason, the files got corrupted or something and so, I am currently rewriting the chapters based on what I remember. It might take a while for me to finish this because I still have to go to school but maybe by saturday I can release a chapter or two.
I'm really sorry for the delay. And have a happy monday!


Sincerely, Fluffy Peanut.