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New Author, new story.

Hi! I'm Ezmortig, and I've recently (today actually), joined 

I've been aspiring to be an author for the longest time, and have only recently succeeded in writing something, that I feel satisfied with. When I'm not writing or playing video games, I play music. If anyone is down to discuss some spicy bands and artists, as well as their taste in litterature, videogames or anything else, I'm here to do exactly that. I hope you'll all take care of me, and not to crush my hopes and dreams for being an author (too much. I can take a verbal beating :P)

The story I'm currently working on is called "Birth of a Necromancer", and is written and created by yours truly. I try to take writing this story quite seriously, so I sincerely hope you'll thoroughly enjoy my story. Also, feel free to review chapters along the way. (It helps a lot)

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WT updates~

Hello guys~

I am back with two chaps this time. Hopefully next week, we can start to have massive release of arc 2.

After I edited them of course...

Here are the chaps

Chapter 27 : Fort Infiltration (Part 2)

Chapter 28 : Extraction and Aftermath



On other notes, anyone wants to be my editor? Another author said my style of writing is stiff. I might need help and I don't want to bother him too much as he also needs to write his own. Other than that, I need help in Grammar and stuffs as well.