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WT goes on hiatus...

Hello guys~

This is AmitaKumaradasa, author of WT. recently I can't seems to be satisfied with my writing and also having a difficulty in actually write anything. the few written chaps are only written halfway before I decided to scrape them.

So with this news, I want to inform that I will go hiatus for some time to recollect my motivation and inspiration.

I am sorry for my readers but for your satisfaction, I can't go write something that didn't even satisfy me. I will be around on our discord chat so feel free to come and chat with me and the other ROW staffs.

So, this is the end of the news.... Bye~ *random beep*

Birth of a Necromancer - Scheduled Update

There we go. Finished the chapter. The next one will be the last of this arc, so I'm hoping you'll appreciate this one, and the one to come. 

Like I've mentioned previously, I'll be taking some time to revisit some of the previous arcs, as I'm trying very hard to get "Birth of a Necromancer" printed on paper. Because of that, I'm getting some additional artwork done for the story, so I hope you'll be looking forward to seeing some of that once it's done. For now, that's all I have to say.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Read here: Birth of a Necromancer - Chapter 39: "Duel"

MM chapter 57 & a little surprise:)

Hello everyone. Here is the next MM chapter. Next chapter we will encounter another person who can use talisman art, then we will have a fight against a court magician and chapter 60 will be a special chapter because it will be a girls talk chapter:) Thanks goes to Yuki and KIngColly for their help.

chapter 57

Translation: Parthios

TLC: Yuki

Editor: KingCooly


And I also have a little surprise for everyone:) I and Yuki work on something, which has to do with JP Sky and White and the Number 8:)

Surprise chapter