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Last High Human 1

I revised chapter 1. It should feel better and it's content now matches the vision i have. 


I will revise all 20 chapters before writing chapter 21.


please let me know your thoughts since it is important this time.

Last High Human: important annoucement.

Some people strolled on internet looking up google with our novel names and made... discoveries.


LHH is translated in spanish, russian and another language i can't recognise. It also appears on multiple english sites. Of course, none ever asked for permission.

But I made contact with them all, and only the spanish community answered amically. Which is why I officialy authorise them to pursue LHH's translation on their website.

Link: Bluephenix.

I, Liossenel H. Ashfox, give permission to Bluephenix's administrator and LHH's translator, known as Absoluteclockwork, the right to translate my novel and let it available to read on their website.


Enjoy the Mr.Worldwide popularity, Rhod... Cuz you'll regret some things in chapter 21...

but before that, I will revise all chapters. V2 should be longer and a better read.

The School that saves the world? I have super powers!?

Hey, guys! A double release today! Its like 10.30pm now.

I realize, with my posting rates being so inconsistent, maybe I should just scrape the sponsor chapter.

But I came up with the NEXT BEST THING 

Instead of having a sponsor chapter, I would release a special chapter, like a side story, or a filler. 

So do support me on patreon if you wish to see a special chapter!


Chapter 13   Happy reading!         -Sakamoto Shun


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